Fractional ownership is another name for shared ownership, usually used to share ownership in vacation real estate, yachts and planes. 
When you purchase a share or fraction you usually get professional management (to ensure fairness, overseeing services and maintenance) 
and a fixed or floating time you are allowed to use the unit you have purchased a share in. a pioneer of "shared ownership". 
We've created a whole new market for buying & selling real estate by creating the only online marketplace for the shared ownership real estate opportunity! Our marketplace offers independent, privately owned properties all for sale in fractions.

With, now you can find a property you desire and purchase a fraction of it! 
Then, we make owning, operating, and sharing use of that property easy and worry-free with our Co-Ownership Operating Agreement! 
With this agreement, we've worked all the details so you can get back to a stress free vacation! is not a timeshare! 

This is actual ownership of a home that is shared by multiple parties, which means they all own a portion of the title and equity! 

Our products/services @
  • Online Marketplace & Listing Service
  • Network for Buyers, Sellers, and Real Estate Professionals to connect
  • Marketing assistance for Sellers & Listing Agents
  • All the Transaction & Closing Documents
  • Property Management
  • Expense Management Software
  • Client Support and Consultations
  • Book and Training Course material for Real Estate Professionals  a buyer nor a seller of real estate. We make the transaction possible, however, we are not a brokerage.
Why #FractionalOwnership is the future of safe, high-return investments